Travel: Away Carry-On Luggage

Travel: Away Carry-On Luggage

I travel a LOT, so I care a lot about my luggage. Having something that is light, easy to roll on different surfaces, and fashionable are key considerations. I had been using the same suitcase for the last several years, and it was time for an #upgrade. I partnered with Away to try their carry-on luggage. Here's my review (spoiler alert: I love it)!

I ordered "The Bigger Carry-On" roller in sand color: see the product page here. You might think $275 is a lot for a suitcase, but when you compare to other high-end hard-sided rollers, it's actually a really reasonable price. Tumi hard-sided luggage start at $500 and go up to $1,000. Rimowa suitcases start at $600. So under $300 for thoughtfully-designed, carry-on luggage is a good price.

Photos by Cameron Lee Art

Matching my shoes to my bag 😉

Matching my shoes to my bag 😉

Here are the features that made Away stand out to me:

  • sleek design: it looks fashionable and high-end
  • hard-sided: keeps belongings secure
  • USB charging: no more fighting for outlets at the airport – so cool for a gadget lover like me!
  • carry-on size: follows airline guidelines (I don't want anyone yelling "gate check" at me!)
  • 4 wheel roller/spinner: say no to 2 wheels – I'm never dragging a suitcase again
Keeping my phone at 💯

Keeping my phone at 💯

And here are some great features I didn't know it had, that I discovered when it arrived:

  • lightweight: it's super light – when it's empty I can lift it comfortably with 1 finger (saves carry-on weight limit for more shoes!)
  • built-in lock (TSA-approved): this is a feature I've never had on luggage, and will give me so much peace of mind
  • compartmentalized interior: this will keep my fashions separate from my toiletries and shoes! Genius.

I really wanted some new clean, sophisticated luggage, and I knew that meant I wanted something hard-sided. I chose the sand color because I have always had black luggage, and I've realized it's harder to spot my suitcase when it's coming out of baggage claim. Also, fashion means standing out, and this color will contrast with the sea of black suitcases.

So what do I think? I really love this luggage. It feels great to buy a functional product that will actually give me a small life improvement. And this carry-on is guaranteed to make travel slightly easier for me. Having a suitcase that is so light and that rolls so easily will be one less stress factor during already stressful air travel. Using such a nice looking luggage will make me feel fashionable and professional no matter what airport I'm rolling through.

Thanks so much Away! It makes me look forward to my next chance to glide through the airport!