Lifestyle: Purity Vodka

Lifestyle: Purity Vodka

Vodka soda is often the drink of choice in the gay men's community, and I am no exception. However, there are few vodkas that actually taste great. Purity Vodka is one vodka that I can drink on the rocks, with no mixer. It's distilled 34 times and imported from Sweden, and it has a clean, delicious taste.

Warning: this content is only for readers of drinking age. Please stop here if you are not of drinking age.


Purity Vodka gifted the vodka for my wedding, and from the beautiful crystalline bottle to the perfect taste, myself and our guests were delighted. As far as vodkas go, it has the same quality as the top shelf vodkas I prefer, but the price is usually less than $30 on the market shelf. It's also organic, gluten free, and sustainably produced.


It became my favorite vodka after the first time I tried it with their creative director, Andres, while he was visiting Atlanta. He told me we would do the Purity challenge – chilled vodka on the rocks, followed by adding a squeeze of orange. I cringed at the thought because I typically never slow-sip vodka. I usually mix it with soda – since bubbles help soothe the bite of the alcohol. But when I took a sip of the Purity Vodka on the rocks, it was perfectly smooth, and the aftertaste was smooth too. I became a believer.

Here's a description of their distilling process from their site:

This process can only be carried out in small batches, is both labor intensive and demanding, but the result is unsurpassed. During the thirty-four distillations, ninety percent of the liquid is lost and only the "perfect cut" is selected as the heart of Purity® Vodka. This final spirit, reaching 96% vol. (192 Proof), is so refined that no filtration is necessary, thus leaving all the natural flavours and character in the vodka.

The vodka is my style: refined but still unique and full of character. And the bottle design makes it aesthetically preferable to the other ordinary bottles on the shelf. What's more they even donate unused liquids from production to an ethanol power plant in Sweden, meaning you can feel good that it's sustainably produced.

We are so grateful to have featured this amazing vodka at our wedding. Thank you so much to the Purity Vodka team for introducing us to this superior product.