Lifestyle: Gran Cosecha Tequila

Lifestyle: Gran Cosecha Tequila

I love tequila. It has deep, rich flavors that make it stand strong on its own. Gran Cosecha tequila is the finest tequila I've had. From the iridescent, opulent bottle to the rich flavors, Gran Cosecha has made a masterpiece, sipping tequila.

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Gran Cosecha has a magical story. The tequila was created by families in the 1930s and comes from Jalisco, Mexico. The unique quality is derived from the cultivator's spiritual respect for the agave plant. The creators of Gran Cosecha control every part of production from growing agave to distilling the spirit. Not only do they pride themselves in harvesting 7 or 8 year old agave plants for production, but they believe it has a spiritual link to the cosmic. And you can taste it in the flavor.


It took me only a few tastes to understand what it means to be a sipping tequila. It means it's such a precious creation, that you only want to drink it on its own! It's the perfect drink to enjoy outdoors on a nice day while communing with nature. You can almost taste all the rich natural energy that goes into its creation. (Okay, I was having a new age moment right there.)

I am typically partial to the blanco tequilas since they are more "clean". However, when getting into the tasting, I enjoyed the Reposado and Añejo just as much. When tasting a fine spirit, I can appreciate the complexity of these varieties, which are aged in oak.


Becoming a connoisseur of smaller tequila producers is an admirable achievement. Much like knowing fine whiskies, knowing your tequilas and mezcals is becoming a bit of a cult. And Gran Cosecha is certainly worth knowing – not just because it looks so pretty.

The Gran Cosecha tequilas are top shelf, high end tequilas. But at $50-60 per bottle, they are still an indulgence within reach. This will definitely be the tequila I bring out for a special occasion or as a flashy gift.


Thank you to Gran Cosecha for letting me taste this amazing, and highly awarded spirit.