Art: LA Art Show 2018

Art: LA Art Show 2018

I have attended the LA Art Show every year for the past 2 years. The remarkable talent and breath-taking installations from the featured artist never cease to amaze me, and keep me looking forward to the next year’s showcase.

Photos in this article: Mya Sinquefield of @predominantlyblack

As an art enthusiast, I make sure to plan time out of my busy schedule to travel and experience the many art shows and festivals across the nation. Even after perusing many galleries and showcases throughout the years, the LA Art Show has by far remained my favorite.  The one-of-a kind experience that the LA Art Show captures the attention of a diverse group of artist and spectators making the show stand strong against acclaimed showcases such as Art Basel.

This year, my husband Cameron Lee was chosen to feature his artwork in a gallery booth at the showcase. His highly praised collection, Flores Fatales was on display amongst many other talented artists from the Los Angeles area.

Art is a language that can be expressed and interpreted by everyone. The LA Art Show strives to be more than just a huge gallery. The showcase is a celebration of culture, diversity, creativity, and innovation, organically uniting people through art. If you are a person who loves experiencing the bliss and beauty of well-curated masterpieces, I highly recommend going to The LA Art Show in 2019.