Art: Micah Johnson From The Outfield To The Art Studio

Art: Micah Johnson From The Outfield To The Art Studio

From the outfield to the art studio, Micah Johnson spends his time refining his unique talents in both settings. I’m talking about a man who is an Atlanta Braves baseball player by day, and a talented painter by night.


I had the opportunity to interview him in-person at his opening this month and asked him firsthand about his journey from athletics to art.


Johnson began pursuing his passion for art less than two years ago in the midst of Spring training with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  He was encouraged to make painting a top priority by Los Angeles Dodgers manager, Dave Roberts. From that moment forward, Johnson worked on his artistic craft for hours every day.

When asked about the inception of his painting career, Johnson responded by saying, “It is about finding more passions as you get older. Baseball was always my passion growing up, and then I started finding art and painting and I figured out that I had an equal passion for both.”

Johnson hosted an exclusive viewing of his artwork on October 4th at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta.  This collection of original paintings was titled “What Lines?”. This exhibition sought to start conversations about the social confines associated with stereotypes, societal status, race, and sex. Johnson uses his artwork to break down the barriers of different societal structures that hold people back.

Thanks to Angela of 10 Squared PR for including me in the event and to my friend Ivon Lakey for joining me!