Lifestlye: 29Rooms Atlanta by Refinery29

Lifestlye: 29Rooms Atlanta by Refinery29

Refinery29’s concept behind the “Expand Your Reality Experience” of 29Rooms is surprisingly cerebral with much spiritual and social oomph. Strolling through its vast visual wonderland, visitors will notice that each “room”, even at its most subtle, reverberates with radical energy. 

Immersive environments that encourage social media interaction have become increasingly appealing, but the underlying intention and purpose of 29Rooms leaves attendees challenged, refreshed, and nurtured. Its many sections are sublimely perfect for portraits:  a rainbow-lit aura, fur-lined teen bedroom, gallery of fruit prints (with temporary tattoos), and plenty of wearable props a la veggie headdresses and lettuce fans. Certain areas, however, were dedicated to specific subjects and boasted a personal-is-political imprint:  Unbothered’s Long Line of Queendom, a feminist news stand with posters regarding reproductive rights, a lifesize Western vintage postcard honoring Hollywood’s women. 

Popstar Kali Uchis created a refreshing homage to abstract surrealism called Dream Doorways and installations were magically heightened with mirrors, patterns, quotes, neon signs, tinsel. Creative energy and color therapy were focal in bringing all the parts together, each opening one’s mind to a concept focusing on inner beauty, mindfulness, social definition and reclamation, to name a few. My personal favorite, the Hoodwitch room, was awash in glowing pink and purples with a crystal grid and altar. Artist Carlota Guerrero asked visitors to write a message to their inner child, the cards on the wall full of soul-stirring writing. 

Overall, I found 29Rooms to be full of whimsy and a very unique way to savor displays of artistic skill while having a transformative and challenging effect on perspective and perception. Each short-run residency of 29Rooms is in high demand and not to be missed. Though the Atlanta installation has expired, 29Rooms will be heading towards Toronto and Washington D.C. with tickets TBA in NYC and LA.