Lifestyle: Our Interior Design Featuring Nourison Area Rugs & Pillows

Lifestyle: Our Interior Design Featuring Nourison Area Rugs & Pillows

When we purchased our home last year, we were so excited to decorate. Putting each room together has been a gradual process with our work and travels of course, but we are now approaching a point where the interior design is feeling finished. We are thrilled to partner with Nourison for all our area rugs and pillows. We used the rugs as a starting point for each room’s style.

I was overjoyed when Nourison reached out to collaborate on our interior design because their fabulous styles and great value were the perfect match for our own vision. I went to their showroom in NYC and hand selected each rug for our home. And I’m so grateful to their team for this opportunity.

The Design

Though the fall weather in Georgia has been amazing, we are soon coming upon colder and cozier times. Indulging a bit in being homebodies between holiday festivities requires practical and comfortable rugs and pillows. Nourison’s honor of melding practical and pizzazz in perfect measure, with modern yet classic selections, have made our dwelling all the better.

My husband, Cameron, took the lead in designing each space and choosing a theme and style. We also featured his art on most of the walls.

I’ve included links to each product so you can see the great value for yourself!

Living Room 1

Not only do rugs really pull a room together, they are absolutely necessary for a truly comfy chill session. This light coffee Luminance rug is an ideal size and its large dot pattern has a subdued mod feel for our TV area.

Get it Here: LUM02 Feather - 7'6'' x 10'6''

Accents of texture are always welcoming as well! This grey fur pillow has a plush tactile invitingness that makes guests want to cozy up.

Get it Here: Mina Victory FL101 Silver Grey Pillow

The sequin trend has also been another way to incorporate elements of sparkle into your interior decor, though at times it can be a bit overbearing and gauche. I enjoy the way this charcoal pillow provides depth with the velvetine background but instead of bright sparkle, the arrangement displays an ornate vine design with a mixture of small cohesive embellishments.

Get it Here: Mina Victory E6574 Charcoal Pillow

Living Room 2

Stepping up the sparkle factor in our flooring is the Michael Amini “City Chic” area rug in silver. We are obsessed with this rug! Its geometric pattern, interesting textures and metallic look adds serious lux to any room. We paired this with our fireplace, a perfect spot for entertaining, and on nights we have fires or even just candles about, the shiny threading catches the glow.

Get it Here: MA100 Silver - 8' x 10’

Of course, overstuffed pillows aid any combination of rugs and couches. This silvery white version has a combination of geometric patterns, also by Mina Victory. See this pillow on the day bed near the window.

Get it Here: Mina Victory S6078 White Silver Pillow

Master Bedroom Reading Area

We also are considerate of the artwork we have in our home, whether it is Cameron’s or other works. This abstract number is reminiscent of a painting with a galaxy or clouds. The gauzy grey scale in soft pixelation contrasts quite well with the colorful piece we have above our reading nook.

Get it Here: MAE08 Grey 7'10'' x 10’6

For a more subtle pop of color, I like the simplicity of this Royal Palm frond decor on this sturdy cotton and linen blend.

Get it Here: Mina Victory NS846 Green Pillow


An animal skin idea is always posh and this Mina Victory Couture version is flecked with gold, looking very lush on the rich black texture.

Get it Here: Mina Victory Couture Rug BR100 Black Gold

Don’t forget strong grip pads! These are necessary for new rugs and this particular product is a perfect size for these flooring selections.

Thanks you ever so much to the Nourison team for making this dream a reality. We are so in love with our home, and it wouldn’t have been possible without their partnership.