Fashion: Remo Tulliani Belts

Fashion: Remo Tulliani Belts

Remo Tulliani is taking men’s accessories to the next level. This upscale brand features luxury-made belts, sunglasses and socks in a variety of chic color ways and styles. Each product is created from an architectural approach, considering every detail as if it was the most prominent and important.

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I received two belts from the most recent collection. Each belt is handcrafted out of the most beautiful genuine leather. The timeless material and minimal hardware on each belt make them the perfect accessory for any outfit. The fine leather belts on the website range from $85-$165 depending on the style of belt.


The belts I received will definitely be staple accessories in my wardrobe. I look forward to creating more lookbooks featuring more luxury products from the Remo Tulliani brand.